Back to Basics

Some people will continue to distract, numb out and disconnect. There is no shame in this response. It is a natural response to a threat. In many cases the threat to our safety is quite real.

On the other hand, I believe humanity (and our earth home) is in the middle of the most growth and expansion we’ve seen in at least a century.

How does one continue to work, play, love and laugh amid such enormous change and uncertainty?

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What if Balance is a Myth?

Six years of digging deep into my patterns and behaviors brought some relief and resolution to the debt issue. Important puzzle pieces clicked into place like how I give up on myself when I don’t see immediate results. This led to a commitment to playing full out.

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Transformational Failure

How do you quit and give up on yourself? How do you play small? Do you turn away from what you want because you don’t want to fail? What if you are more powerful and brilliant than you ever imagined? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Let’s discover that together.

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The Magic of “The Way”

While I’m still a fan of this modus operandi; always having a way out, can come at a cost. Dreams, true understanding and your divine plan may never fully materialize. It is important to be mindful of how and why we side hustle. I’d like to share with you how I’ve learned to recognize, use and master this particular coping skill.

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Get in the Van

Looking back, I believe that our friendship was a huge factor in the desire to change. I never had a friend like Karen. She runs a very successful business, is an author, runs upwards of 20 races per year, has a family, travels around the world speaking and inspiring women to participate in STEM careers. Even more important than these accomplishments are the facts that she is one of the kindest, generous and non-judgmental people I have ever met.

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Foundation to Freedom

Once you have constructed this solid, beautiful foundation, then you can begin to climb. You can implement prosperity thinking and things like affirmations of your great good. Why now? Because you have foundation and a reference point on which to stand; you have proof that the home you have built is safe.

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The Garden of Change

“My how you’ve changed since I’ve changed.”

There have been many times throughout my life that I noticed, laughed or redirected my attention to this simple statement. Those times are nothing like the steady current of truth flowing through this theme in my life in sobriety.

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What if food was just food? What if it was neutral; neither good nor bad, fatting or not, healthy or unhealthy? What if food was fuel for my body and not something that has this power over me to make me feel great or feel fearful?

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Part of Life

Almost instantly, I feel lonely and alone. Should I take my things to the car, come back and walk around? I’m sure to run into friends and acquaintances.

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