Private Sessions

Transform Anxiety to Energy: Your Journey from Pain to Peace and Purpose

Transform Anxiety to Energy: Your Journey from Pain to Peace and Purpose is an adventure like no other.

This 8-week private session course (in person or video connection) is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you what your anxiety, depression, pain and harmful coping methods have been trying to tell you all along. Through the power of gentle, slow yoga and rare inquiry coaching methods you will learn in precise detail what your body needs you to know. You will learn how to coach your thoughts and know what your emotional messengers are telling you. 

In Transform Anxiety to Energy you will be face to face with me. I will guide you through the dark and light and out of the mire of issues that have plagued you for so long. **

I’ve taken the Magic Keys in my book and put them in Restorative Yoga class form. You get to experience the exercises in the book and learn the secrets of your Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Voices!

It doesn’t stop there…you get a copy of my book, access to me through Q & A, email, recordings, blogs, class handouts and even more – and, it’s all simple to use.

In short, in the Transform Anxiety to Energy course you will learn the foundational tools you need to successfully understand emotions, establish safety in your body and life, have great relationships with self and others, stop addiction transfer and build a life of foundation, peace and purpose.

** Some people desire or need the privacy of one to one sessions. In your Free Personal Discovery call we will determine if you are a fit for the program and if a group or private situation is better for you and your needs.

Journey to Purpose

Journey to Purpose is a year-long immersion in the tools gained in the Transform Anxiety to Energy Programs. We all know the feeling of taking a great seminar or training or even going to therapy and then, after a period of time, not using the tools we learned. This is frustrating and so very human.

The reality is, we didn’t get where we are overnight, and it only makes sense that for you to experience a stable and grounded mastery of your Magic Keys, it takes consistent and persistent practice. You’ve got some undoing to do…it would be weird if you didn’t.

One year is where you, dear adventurer, become the hero, as you practice over and over your new skills on your way to mastery. You will gain a deeper understanding of the many ways your body and emotions speak to you and create a bonding with these parts of yourself that is magical.

I work closely with you, guiding, sometimes firmly, yet always encouraging you to learn what is right for you, as you discover your mission and purpose in the world.

Again, we don’t just talk, we experience. The unique nature of this body-centered process makes each session new…we never know what the psyche has in store for us to learn; for sure it is never dull or boring. It is my great pleasure to explore these unique realms with you.

Every Wise Adventurer Brings a Guide

How do we start?

Consultations with me are always free, in person or on the phone and last about 45 minutes. We need to determine if it’s a fit for us to work together. Whether or not it is a fit, I promise you will go from our time together with a greater sense of ease and direction.