Private Sessions

I am a person living in sobriety. I support others in remembering who they are and creating a life of truth. I don’t do it for you. Ultimately, I can’t. A journey to your truth is just that. Your journey. Not my journey or anyone else’s journey.

You won’t like it – not all of the time. Especially in the beginning when you get to look at the hard things and the shadow places. It’s a risky business and not for the timid. This work is also not for everyone, only those willing to stand in the fire.

If this sounds like you, there are great rewards. When you are strong enough to stand in your naked truth, you know exactly who you are and what works for you. Others don’t have to guess around you. They will know exactly who you are and what works for you.

This is what I support you in finding.

Your truth.

Your essence.

Without all the substances, distractions and creative ways you have of disconnecting from who you are.

How do we do it?

This is private business so we meet one-on-one, in person or video remote. I laugh with you, cry with you and mend with you. It’s my work, my purpose in the world and I love witnessing you heal, grow and stand grounded in your power and the truth of who you are.

My clients get results that are beyond what is typically found in traditional recovery programs. I believe this is, in part, because of the attention on the client staying present and grounded in their body. Here are just a few of the results that have been experienced:

  • Significant decrease in distraction, numbness and disassociation
  • Release of depression patterns
  • Dream, myth and metaphor interpretation
  • Decrease of anxiety
  • Connection to nature
  • Knowledge of chakra work and healing
  • Ability to question thoughts and beliefs
  • Establishment of values
  • Clear connection with Soul
  • Release of happiness as goal
  • Greater understanding, acknowledgement and acceptance of personal trauma
  • Understanding and release of pain, physical and emotional
  • Embracing solitude
  • Creation of a meaningful, purposeful life
  • Restoration of health and relationships
  • Connection with self and others in an authentic way
  • Grounded in what is right for you
  • Greater truth and honesty
  • Ability to handle problems with skill
  • Able to receive, have and handle money
  • Solid grounding and boundary skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Feeling of safety
  • Yoga as a path to ease
  • Return to activities you once loved
  • Recognition and release of patterns of co-dependency
  • Recognizing that emotions are messengers and friends
  • Communication with your body and love of the body
  • Able to listen to intuition
  • Okay with saying “no”

And so much more….

How do we start?

Consultations with me are always free, in person or on the phone and last about 45 minutes. We need to determine if it’s a fit for us to work together. Whether or not it is a fit, I promise you will go from our time together with a greater sense of ease and direction.

Please go to the Connect With Me page and fill out the information and I will get back you directly.

I look forward to connecting with you.