Dream, Align & Activate Your Life

Join this unique community as we access the wisdom of our bodies, our emotions, the power of moon cycles, earth energy, Chakra insights and spirit animal intelligence. We gather monthly to collectively dream, align and activate what is truly right for each of us.

  • How do you really want to feel this year? Supported, more creative and like you are on your authentic path?

  • Are you ready to have more faith in your skills and be at peace with yourself?

  • What if your journey this year was more focused on the present moment?

  • How would you feel if you were able to set better boundaries, know when to ask for support and feel more courageous?

  • What if you could align with your resilient skill set?

  • What if you could turn your tools into a consistent sacred practice?

  • How would you feel if you could restore the connection with you, nature and cycles of life?

  • Discover tools and practices to invite healthy ritual into your life and nourish yourself in a big way!

Change occurs in deliberate and consistent actions. In order to create new, more aligned results, you must engage in actions that support what you would like to have more of. This group does just that and you get to travel with a safe supportive community. Don’t go on this journey of self-discovery alone.

With your membership you will receive a year of New Moon gatherings, a deck of Spirit Animal Oracle Cards and guided Restorative Yoga and Journaling classes. Restorative Yoga is the container in which we gather information that otherwise may have been missed.


Where: Online in video connection format (you will receive information about this when you sign up).

When: Monthly new moon dates:

  • Feb. 4th

  • March 6th

  • April 5th

  • May 4th

  • June 3rd

  • July 2nd

  • July 31st

  • August 30th

  • September 28th

  • October 27th

  • November 26th

  • December 26th (actual new moon is Christmas day! Had to be realistic about this one).

Time: 6 PM -7:30 PM

Price: $78 for the year

When you join you will receive an orientation call or video with Dr. Layne Linebaugh (guide bio below), your cards and all materials. Each month you will work individually with the guidance you received during the class. During the class we will have check-ins and updates. This group is supportive. We want to know how everyone is doing and the exciting stuff that has transpired.

There are many New Moon offerings to choose from. This group is unique as we not only pull from nature and its cycles, but from our own inner, embodied wisdoms. We move beyond intentions and put into action the necessary steps to activate our good.

“I know what it’s like to struggle in life, want things to change and still stay stuck because I wasn’t able to create a stable foundation. I understand myself so much better and am able to align with my purpose in life because of these practices.”
— Layne Linebaugh

About your Guide

Dr. Layne Linebaugh is a recovering chiropractor, on an adventure of sobriety since February 2013. She is a Restorative Yoga Teacher and Certified Connection Guide. She leads workshops and classes and enjoys a thriving one on one practice. She has recently released her first book, I’m Sober: Why is Life Still Hard? Keys to Your Unique Journey. Layne lives in Reno, NV and shares her path with nature, close friends, family and pup companion, Zoe Sparkle Pants.

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