Transform Anxiety to Calm

Transform Anxiety to Calm: Your Journey from Pain to Peace and Purpose is an adventure like no other. This 6-week online course (or 8-week private sessions) is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you what your anxiety, depression, pain and harmful coping methods have been trying to tell you all along. Through the power of gentle, slow yoga and rare inquiry coaching methods you will learn in precise detail what your body needs you to know. You will learn how to coach your thoughts and know what your emotional messengers are telling you.  

In Transform Anxiety to Calm you will be face to face with me, either in a community of like-minded humans or private sessions. I will guide you through the dark and light and out of the mire of issues that have plagued you for so long.

I’ve taken the Magic Keys in my book and put them in Restorative Yoga class form. You get to experience the exercises in the book and learn the secrets of your Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Voices!

It doesn’t stop there…you get a copy of my book, access to me through Q & A, email, recordings, blogs, class handouts, lifetime access to the community and even more – and, it’s all simple to use.

In short, Transform Energy to Calm is the same program that my private clients have used successfully to understand emotions, build stable lives, have great relationships with self and others, stop addiction transfer and build a life of foundation, peace and purpose.

Registration dates coming soon.

Spaces for the course are very limited, I’m only accepting a few qualified students so that I can give each of you my undivided attention.

BOOK YOUR CALL NOW to see if you are a fit for this course.

In this call, we will chat about YOU and what is holding you back from living the life you are meant to live. We will talk about your goals and who are as a person. We will look at what it would be like to live a life FREE from anxiety, depression, addictions and confusion. Finally, we will determine if it is a fit for us to work together.