Dr. Layne has not only struggled from alcohol addiction, but she has also come out the other side and healed on her own. With this newfound wisdom, she wrote a book to help and support those who are also struggling with sobriety.

I’m Sober: Why is Life Still Hard? Keys to Your Unique Journey

This book is for you if:

  • You grapple with problems getting or staying “sober” from substances and/or behaviors.
  • You are still overwhelmed with problems you thought sobriety was supposed to fix.
  • You feel out of control with new addictions and unwanted issues.
  • You feel angry, sad, anxious and fearful much of the time.
  • You are in pain or depressed.
  • You are struggling with finances and finding meaningful work.
  • You are grappling with one or all of these problems and people keep telling you to pray or think positive and you’ve worked the steps (maybe more than once) and you have done all the “right” things and you still feel like a hot mess.
  • You know, deep down, that you didn’t get sober to just have more problems that you don’t understand.
  • You are thinking, “Is this really all there is? I didn’t sign up for a “nice” little life.”
  • You know you are here for more.
  • You feel you have a purpose, a flame that didn’t go out while you were in active addiction and you won’t let hardships put out this flame now.

Want to Work with Dr. Layne?

From the desk of Dr. Layne Linebaugh:


I have a magical offer for highly intelligent, creative, spiritual women who have conquered alcohol and/or drug addiction and are devastated to find themselves turning to food to cope and want to halt binge and emotional eating, the transfer of addictions, balance metabolism (yes, weight loss goes hand in hand) and learn to handle life’s challenges with confidence, self-worth, love, and resilience.

We work together for 8-weeks on the following things:
I help you to be fully present in your body as we prepare you to receive the answers from your psyche that we cover in the program. I show you how to have better boundaries and how poor boundaries perpetuate food addiction.

I show you at least 2 processes so that you can question the thoughts and beliefs that are driving your behavior, such as, “I can’t stop,” “I’m not worthy,” or “I should be stronger.” Then I teach you a 6 step system of responding with mental strength and confidence; you stop those food impulses in their tracks.

I teach you the magical method for tuning into the messages your body is giving you about your needs instead of numbing out with ice cream or pizza binges. (this really is magic wand stuff and not intuitive eating!)

I teach you to read your emotions so you know what needs they are expressing. What that means; you know what your emotions tell you instead of masking them or making yourself wrong, which is what you’ve been doing.

I help you to select the spiritual practices that allow you to hear and connect to the inner voice of intuition and God and know what is right for you instead of covering that up with food and other distractions.

Gentle, supportive, Trauma-Informed Restorative Yoga is a practice that we use throughout the course for assisting the removal of events and stories held in the body that are driving the way you behave around food. This means you’ll be doing the simplest of postures while you implement a new you.

To support you through the process, you get the following transformative format:
3 live 1:1 calls, 8 in-depth assignments w/feedback, 2x per week custom-tailored group calls, on-line modules (yours to keep forever), and 2 free live calls per month even after you’ve completed the course.

In order to be a good candidate, the following must be true:
Binge eating is the #1 hurdle in your life that you are trying to overcome right now and you don’t have serious medical issues, YET.

You are intelligent, creative, resilient, and are tired of messing around with destructive patterns and behaviors. In fact, you have been feeling baffled about how you could’ve beaten other addictions and this food thing is still haunting you.

You have a solid spiritual belief system (even if it doesn’t feel like it’s working sometimes), love nature, are a decision-maker, and want to get moving physically and in life.

The price for this offer is in the mid-low 4 figure range, and still markedly below the 5 figures binge eating costs per year in food alone (this isn’t factoring in the cost of poor health, low confidence, and effects on relationships and happiness).

If interested in this offer, just click the button below to send me a quick email. We will chat back and forth a bit and see if this is a fit for you.

Love, light, and freedom,
Dr. Layne Linebaugh

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