"I am so pleased with my progress as a client of Dr. Layne. I now understand the messages of my body, and I am able to deal with my emotions in a more skillful way, by pausing and really working with all of my tools. I feel so much better. I love this journey I am on, and I’m appreciative of this program that has been instrumental in helping me discover what is right for me."
- Mel J.
"Thank you, Layne, for giving me tools to change my life. Today was my 'wellness check' for my insurance. The first WIN is that I went in with a new attitude. I wasn’t stressed or embarrassed for being me. And the next win is that my blood pressure is better than the normal 120/80. It’s 118/68. My cholesterol is down 66 points, and I’ve lost 14 lbs. All without dieting. Just by learning to love myself and to listen to my body. "
- CS
"Because of this program, I know that my foundation comes from within. I don’t have the fears I once did. The tools that I learned and practice are an important part of the life I live today."
- Pete W.
"The materials and coaching are really good, and you are able to keep them and go back and review as needed. And you're not just dropped when the course is over. You are in a ‘graduate’ course where you can check in and receive additional help. I would highly recommend this course to anyone struggling with addictions of any kind."
"Working with Layne has literally transformed my life. With her guidance, I am now healthier on all fronts. I am the most mentally and emotionally stable I have ever been, and I now have the tools and the fortitude to not only exist, but to enjoy every minute of my life! That’s not to say it’s been easy, but to find something that has worked for me, after decades of struggle, is such a relief. I’ll sing it from the mountain tops."
- Steph S.
"I now have the opportunity and tools available to change my life. I am extremely grateful for that! It not only takes desire, but determination, immersion and commitment. We will occasionally revisit the ugly, but do not have to unpack our bags there. We have our wonderful lives that we have created to follow our dreams! Take steps to make them come true, commit to this course…it will change your life and relationship to food!"
- MJ
"Layne’s Freedom and Flow course has helped me in many ways, not the least of which is a slow but steady weight loss without feeling overly restricted. No one is telling me what to eat or what not to eat. I have a CHOICE, and that is very empowering! The course has also helped me to appreciate what I have, stop negative thinking, set boundaries, deal with anger, grief, pain and much more. I am a Caregiver for an Alzheimers patient (my husband), and this course has helped me much more than the classes I have attended which were offered by the Alzheimer's Association."
- LR
"This course was difficult for me, in the beginning. I was confused, because it didn’t seem like a diet or weight loss program. Everything else I had done in the past told me what not to eat, limited so many foods, left me feeling deprived. I didn’t understand that I really needed to learn how to pay attention to nourishing my body. I already knew what foods were healthy and that movement is super important. Turns out, I needed some tools to develop new habits and practices. These are helping me heal. I needed to ask, 'Is it True?' and believe, 'Better done than perfect.' I just needed to be kind to myself and listen to my heart and body. I still have a long way to go, but this course is starting to make sense to me. I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Layne Linebaugh! Trusting you was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I can never thank you enough. I love ❤️ you."
- SS
"Layne is a special and genuine soul! She will help you meet your goals and believe in you when you don't believe in yourself. She has a unique educational background and personal history that makes her an excellent practitioner. Working with her has been an amazing gift, and I highly recommend this program. You will not look back, because you will be far too busy looking forward to your future. I am genuinely thrilled to have worked with her for the past few months. If you are ready to make a change in your life, get in touch with Layne!"
- Mariam H.
"Powerful messages and wisdom with Layne’s elegant coaching. I’ve enjoyed working with Layne’s guidance, and I have gone deeper into the journey of self. Combining wisdom traditions with body awareness has added an additional layer of healing energy to my life. Thank you, Layne, for sharing the journey!"
- Mary D.
"Layne is a vibrant soul and committed to uplifting the human race. She has been a practitioner for almost 20 years. She teaches with intention and dignity, and always continues to grow. You’re in good hands with Layne."
- Brett D.
"My favorite tool is 'The Power Of Pause,' and then knowing that the CHOICE is mine!"
"Through grounding, I experience emotional freedom from the 'have to' mentality and move into 'choose to' mentality."
"I can control or coach my thoughts and therefore my emotions, and I don’t have to overeat! And… it’s easy. I’m not 'white knuckling,' or using willpower, just the process of building my new superhighway."
"I'm enjoying MY life for the first time in years."
"The triggers for overeating don't seem to be there, they are just gone!"
"30 years of dreaming, and I took a step. I’m so glad I did. I’ll never binge again."
"I've been told to forgive others, but never thought about forgiving myself. Now I know how!"
"Your actions, beliefs and thoughts are tools. You can wield them however you like... this is your greatest choice. Use that beautiful neurological pathway you've created (are creating) between your heart and your mind..."