I step out of the door into the din of evening festivities at the yoga festival. 

I feel surprised and anxious.  It had been so quiet here earlier.  The energy has changed.  There’s music and crowds of laughter.  Oh, I get it.  There are now tents set up where alcoholic beverages are being served. 

Almost instantly, I feel lonely and alone.  Should I take my things to the car, come back and walk around?  I’m sure to run into friends and acquaintances.  

I walk away from the vibration of drinking.  That frequency is different, you know? 

I feel drawn towards the young man singing, while expertly playing guitar. 

My emotions fluctuate again.  This time, I feel a calming warmth and sweet appreciation for his obvious talent.  He’s really good! 

I watch and listen for a while.  I still feel lonely, but not as much.  I take note of the name on the CD’s displayed and continue on my way.  My equilibrium restored. 

I wish that I was a “part of” for a minute.  I take a breath and send appreciation for the day spent with my best friend, collaborating and helping each other with our businesses. 

In the car, I find the young musician’s work on Spotify.  The very first song is the exact match for what I want to play in my upcoming workshop.  I smile, nod and know that this unexpected, unlooked for moment and my willingness to surrender to it, has made me a “part of” the plan of life.  


What Music Means to Me by Ron Artis II is the name and CD of the musician, check him out.