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What if food was just food? What if it was neutral; neither good nor bad, fatting or not, healthy or unhealthy? What if food was fuel for my body and not something that has this power over me to make me feel great or feel fearful?

Sober Dating

Dating, sober dating is hard. For me, it’s fraught with uncertainty and anxiety. Alcohol made all that shit easy in comparison. Drink, be cute, meet someone totally inappropriate for me, drink more, have sex, drink more to forget that it was a one night stand or now I have an instant relationship with someone I probably don’t even like.

Relapse or Reset?

Early sobriety was not fun for me. I felt lost and alone most of the time. The man that I felt was the love of my life, really wanted nothing to do with me, I was broke and selling my chiropractic equipment just to pay the rent in the house that my parents owned. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know where I would have been living.