Please check the schedule for Temple Yoga. I look forward to seeing you in my classes. 

Special Events

Soul Story Restorative Yoga and Journaling each Wednesday, online (except for Dec. 5th). 

About Soul Story Restorative Yoga and Journaling

Restorative Yoga is gift to you & your body. A gift that relaxes, rejuvenates, heals & restores the body & psyche. You are given time & space to heal & mend. When combined with journaling the results are eye opening.

Restorative Yoga

The postures are simple. They are perfect for all human bodies (if you have a body, you have a yoga body!). The hardest thing you have to do in Restorative Yoga (RY), is fold blankets.


Do you know you have words & stories trapped inside of you, yet when you sit down to write, nothing comes out? You know journaling is fantastic for healing & understanding yourself, but you can’t seem to get started?

We can think about things, & talk about stuff, but when we write, they are transmuted & transformed. Dreams & plans are created. Trauma & fears are dealt with, emotions are understood, & pain gives you its message.

The Combination

When we combine gentle, slow Restorative Yoga, the body gets to chime in & offer you information. You get to pause, breathe & connect on a level much deeper than you may imagine…all with a topic, prompts & suggestions for you to ponder & percolate.

This signature combination of RY & Journaling is so powerful, rare & unique that more people need to experience the benefits. So…we are doing it online, together…connecting in the comfort of our own homes.

** This class is trauma informed & sober journey centric.