Align Your Self

Our nervous system is the base of our very existence. When Chiropractic care is in sync with this system, we truly have the ability to heal our entire being. 

My personal story with the miracle of spinal and nervous system alignment includes healing from major impacts, the release of addictive patterns and behaviors, and keeping my overall being vibrant and healthy.

Throughout my chiropractic experience I have gravitated to the gentle, little to no-force techniques. These methods allow the body, nervous system and psyche to unwind; thereby experiencing the world, and self in a more open and aware manner. I have continued my training with life-changing coaching and restorative yoga, as well as having embraced a life of sobriety and clarity. I am ever more intentional and intuitive. This is how and why I have created a profound and unique system. By weaving introspective coaching questions, emotional messengers (and translation) and spiritual guidance while working with the physical body, we can release trauma physiology, pain, confusion, dis-ease and illness.

I have witnessed miracles unfold for hundreds of people, and you can experience this too! You are on a spiritual journey of expansion and evolution. 

Are you in physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual pain, confusion, or discomfort? 

If you find yourself looking for support to navigate multiple areas of your life, consider the amazing benefits of integration and alignment of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

You will experience pain relief, deeper comfort and the release of limiting behavioral patterns. Your life will become one of greater harmony, inner knowing and self awareness.

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