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A life truly lived constantly burns away veils of illusion, burns away what is no longer relevant, gradually reveals our essence, until, at last, we strong enough to stand in our naked truth.

- Marion Woodman


Meet Your Guide

Hello! I’m Layne Linebaugh and I founded my company to help human warriors self-connect through the power of body and emotional wisdom practices.

I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic as well as a Restorative Yoga Teacher and Connection Guide. I know what it’s like to struggle in life, want things to change and still stay stuck because I wasn’t able to create a stable foundation.

That is why, when I found the transformative combination of Restorative Yoga and unique methods of communication with the body, emotions and soul, I knew I had to help others heal as I had been given these gifts to share.

I am the creator of several successful on-line courses, private programs, Soul Story Restorative Yoga & Journaling class and my latest offering, the Dream, Align & Activate 2019, ongoing class.

  • How do you really want to feel? Supported, more creative and like you are on your authentic path?

  • Are you tired of swimming upstream?

  • Are you ready to have more faith in your skills and be at peace with yourself?

  • What if your journey was more focused on the present moment?

  • How would you feel if you were able to set better boundaries, know when to ask for support and feel more courageous?

  • What if you could align with your resilient skill set?

  • What if you could turn your tools into a consistent sacred practice?

  • How would you feel if you could restore the connection with you, nature and cycles of life?

  • Discover tools and practices to invite healthy ritual into your life and nourish yourself in a big way!

Change occurs in deliberate and consistent actions. In order to create new, more aligned results, you must engage in actions that support what you would like to have more of. Don’t go on this journey of self-discovery alone. It is my purpose in life to guide others into lives of presence and joyful connection to nature, the cycles of life and themselves.