About Dr. Layne Linebaugh

Layne Linebaugh, D.C. is a holistic Chiropractor, Animal Chiropractor, Recovery Coach, Certified Restorative Yoga teacher, and the author of I’m Sober, Why Is Life Still Hard? Keys to Your Unique Journey. She has a “boutique” style in-person practice, where she integrates the spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of being human, while gently aligning the physical body. She guides group Restorative Yoga and Journaling classes with creative themes, meditation, personalized non-force adjustments, and essential oil support. She specializes in bringing the whole human out of trauma physiology to harmony, inner knowing, and self-awareness.

Our animals and beloved pets have nervous systems too and Dr. Layne has added Animal Chiropractic to her wide skill set. Most pet owners don’t usually know their animal has a misaligned spine and nervous system. All they see are dull, sad eyes, pain, and illness. Everyone feels trapped and hopeless.

When animals (and people) get a Chiropractic Adjustment by Dr. Layne, the information to every cell, system, organ, and tissue is restored. Bright eyes and hope are renewed.

The happiest, healthiest, most productive pets (and their people) are those that are consistently well-adjusted.

The entire world is witnessing fast-paced government encroachment on every aspect of our lives. Dr. Layne has taken her business into the private domain by establishing a Private Health Association. She is supporting others to protect themselves, their families, health, education by setting up Private Membership Associations.

The happiest, healthiest people, schools, grocery stores, farms, ranches, health-care practitioners and communities area taking their power back by embracing the private association model.