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My Story

A life truly lived constantly burns away veils of illusion, burns away what is no longer relevant, gradually reveals our essence, until, at last, we strong enough to stand in our naked truth.

- Marion Woodman

I am a person living in sobriety.

Emotional, physical, mental and financial sobriety has been the fire that burns away illusions, delusions and disconnection. Gradually my natural rhythms’, what I like, what works for me and what I stand for, have been revealed.

I am a person that experienced disordered eating, alcoholism and addiction to just about everything. I experienced these things for over 35 years of my life. There were times that these parts of my story almost killed me. Yet, I kept living in the illusion that I could stop. Sometimes, I did stop. Or, I switched substances or behaviors. I always had something that would ease the pain and make me feel better, or different. I could stop, but I couldn’t stay stopped.

With this in mind, I still don’t know what changed on Feb. 3rd, 2013. What was different about that day than the thousands of other days that I said, “I’m done?” I lean towards the belief of some sort of psychic change – I’ve not been the same person since that day – so maybe this is the truth of it.

I don’t suppose it really matters.

What matters is the sobriety journey that I have been on since that day.

What matters is that I was someone whom had no idea, nor desire to be present in my body or my life and now that has changed. Sobriety led me to a consistent yoga practice. That consistent yoga practice led me to discover the unique combination of Restorative Yoga and Coaching. That training began to unravel the web of confusion that persisted into my first years of sobriety. I was able to create safety in my body and become more and more “here.” I began to tell the truth on even deeper levels about myself and what works for me. I began to know what works for me – something that had eluded me most of my life. What matters is the deep dive I take to continue my own inner knowledge, learning and growth. What matters, is the willingness to face the shadows and accept my flawed humanity. This, some of the hardest work, is also the most rewarding.

Clarity and truth matter, because it’s one more person that gets to live the purpose that they were put here to live. And as that person lives their truth, they get to shine a light on the path for others to see. They get to hold out their hand to those that reach for something, someone, anything to understand them and their pain.

I am a firm believer that those of us whom make it out of a personal hell such as addiction are absolutely those that can, will and do understand and then lift up the next person that reaches out.

I am a person living in sobriety. My path is my path. My truth is my truth. My purpose is to support you in finding your truth on your unique sobriety journey.

Celebrating you,

Layne Linebaugh

My Biography

Layne Linebaugh is a licensed Chiropractor, although she does not currently practice the art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic Medicine. She holds many licenses and certificates in the field of Chiropractic as well as Neuro-linguistic Programing, Wellness Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is certified in Restorative Yoga, 200Hr and Life (Sobriety) Coaching, 220Hr. She brings this extensive knowledge of the human body, psyche and mind into her private practice in the field of Yoga Recovery. She concentrates her expertise into serving those experiencing a history of Addiction (of all types), Substance Use Disorder, Disordered Eating and Trauma. She also offers Restorative Yoga and Journaling Classes. Dr. Linebaugh lives and plays in Reno, NV.