The Show of the Century

I think that most of us can agree that 2020 has been topsy-turvy ride. Humanity has been acutely uncomfortable at every turn. We’ve been fearful, raging, and resigned. Uncertainty is the order of the day as well as an underlying wish that life would just return to “normal”.

Underneath all of that, many speak of a certain level of excitement. We know the world is changing, it will never return to how it was nor should it. In fact, we stand at the precipice of a brand-new day.

It’s sort of like going to a thriller film. We know we are going to be uncomfortable, yet we grab our popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show.

How does one navigate such intriguing times? It seems to me that making some powerful decisions about what it means to be highly uncomfortable, who you are during difficulty, and bringing gratitude to the forefront may be useful to consider.

In our normal, everyday lives we are often uncomfortable and sometimes it is one tumultuous situation after another. Most of us though, enjoy a certain amount of relative stability and ease. In fact, it’s human nature to seek safety, comfort and the known. Maybe you’ve even chosen to grasp for the familiar, hide your head under the pillows, and pretend that nothing is happening. Or give into the “new normal”, trying to desperately make it all go away.

Maybe there is a different option. What happens when we make an intentional choice to jump into the rapids and discover what we are made of along the way?

I could be wrong, but it appears that it’s time to embrace the ugly, raw, and sometimes violent parts of change and upheaval. I’m not proposing that you take your emotional pain, numb or violently express it. Instead, what if you decide to embrace that energy, accept that we aren’t getting out this time of upheaval anytime soon and build some good ol’ pioneer muscle? For too long now, we’ve believed the lie that we are only human. Nothing could be further from the truth. Humans are divinely and powerfully made. We are much more than flesh, blood, and bone. We are energetic and magnetic beings of magnificent value and purpose.

Who do you want to be now and after the dust settles? If you are here on the planet currently, your ancestors did not buckle under the weight of adversity. You share that warrior DNA. Now is the time to evaluate your strengths and how you can apply them. Are you resilient, creative, organized, or courageous? Do you need to activate your core strength that has gotten soft during times of comfort? Maybe you actively seek out people, places, or experiences that you normally wouldn’t in order to innerstand how you operate under pressure? Get curious about what you might discover about yourself when you are out of your comfortable little box.

Obviously, there are many ways to explore the rapids of life, in both the inner and outer spaces. You’re going to need to fortify yourself to do so.

I can’t think of a much better fortress than, the strength of gratitude. For gratitude to be this source of strength, it must become a consistent way of being, a higher frequency that you attune to, often. It’s not glossing over the messy stuff either; gratitude is the mind and heart set that says, “I’’ll find the gold in this situation and be thankful.” Gratitude allows and invites new, creative perspectives that may not be available otherwise. It’s the underlying excitement and anticipation of turning over rocks and finding hidden treasures underneath the effort.

In recent days I’ve had several level-headed conversations about how to best straddle the spaces between gratitude, strength of character and the desire to stay present during challenging times, as this was a quandary for me. I tend to be a hopeful person. Observing the landscape and being discerning of how to best approach the months ahead has felt a bit like prepping for doomsday, which sort of gives me the heebie-jeebies and to be quite honest, a bit exciting.

Collaboration of ideas and pioneer genetic coding yielded a philosophy of prep for the worst and give thanks for the best. I adopted a practice of when prepping for emergencies, do this with focus and attention. When the task is complete, immediately return to visualizing and planning for a bright future ahead. Gratitude for what you have, giving thanks for what is to come, and the challenges, carries much power and magic and is very helpful in not sinking into fear and overwhelm.

In the end (or beginning?), I believe that this time of collective uncertainty will require the firm willingness to embrace the values of our trail-blazing evolution. We all have many choices ahead. Some will include loss; some will bring boundless joy and the only thing that we can always count upon, change.


Hold each other tight, keep your hearts wide open, and jump into your courage.

I look forward to gazing upon those glorious dreams come true with so many of you.

Thank you for being such an important part of the community. Please reach out if you are struggling or want to share a story of joy and hope.

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