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Mid-summer musings… 

In my own recovery and my work with people who struggle with addictions and eating disorders, it has long been clear to me, that we are a very empathic and psychic community. We may not know that we know, or we try hard to numb our “knowing”, hence, distractive substances and behaviors, but we know.  

In this light, it would be weird if most of us have not been acutely aware of an underlying upset, worry, and fear at the state of our world; for a long time. 

Some people will continue to distract, numb out, and disconnect. There is no shame in this response. It is a natural response to a threat. In many cases, the threat to our safety is quite real.  

On the other hand, I believe humanity (and our earth home) is in the middle of the most growth and expansion we’ve seen in at least a century.  

How does one continue to work, play, love, and laugh amid such enormous change and uncertainty?  

For me, the most simplistic view, back to basics, is the key to navigating our collective expansion.  

  1. Address reality. People die. More people die annually of drug, food, and alcohol abuse than die of the flu. We can count on one thing in life; no one gets out of here alive. Are you going to be so afraid of dying that you aren’t living? 
  2. Increase prayer, meditation, and times of devotions to maximum ability. Then increase it some more.  
  3. What is your gratitude quotient? Are you being “conditionally grateful”? 

Humans are so funny. We tend to make life so much more complicated than it needs to be.  

Taking moments of pause and asking yourself questions is a powerful way to move through tough times.  

Maybe you consider, “What if it is my time to go? What does that mean for me? What about my family? How would this affect me/the rest of us if mom, dad, sister, partner, etc. transition?” Go through this process in your mind, soul, and emotions. From here you can determine how you want to live your days.  

I realize that for some of you, this viewpoint may seem cold. 

What if instead, it’s the highest form of compassion to be prepared for pain, hurt, and loss? What if it’s the highest level to make sure the living fare just as well as the dead? What if living, and living well, is the highest form of love and honoring the community?  

Of course, pause is inherent in all forms of prayer, meditation, and devotion. This is where we humbly come before that which is greater than ourselves and lay our dreams, cares, and concerns on the altar of divinity.  

We become still long enough to be guided on this most sacred of paths. We ask, we listen, give, and receive solace.  

We are given our purpose and mission.  

This is when we are shown with stark vision the answer to what if I didn’t have my faith or this practice of prayer? 

What a comfort it is in the darkest of nights. We are graced with being able to handle terrifying situations with intelligence, insight, and wisdom.  

No “back to basics” plan is complete without gratitude. At least not for those of us who intentionally choose a spiritually guided way of living.  

However, are you being “conditionally grateful”?  

This is best illustrated by a recent experience of mine.  

During the course of my recovery, I have worked incredibly hard to overcome the destruction of the past. I am so proud of my progress!  

However, even after 7 years, and creating a successful business, financial debt has still been an albatross around my neck. Because of all my arduous workI’m in a suitable position to apply for a loan and finally pay back all my investments and the people who invested in meWhat appeared to be a straightforward process has turned into a 4-month challenge. At every turn, there has been an obstacle, hold-up, or excuse. At the same time, my new client enrollment rate dropped dramatically.  

I have a solid gratitude practice. I teach my clients this essential skill and why it’s so particularly important 

Throughout this periodI’ve stated over and over, “The delay must mean that something greater is coming.” “God is always here for me and I know there is a reason for this.”  

In all humility, I realized that I was giving lip-service only. What I was really feeling was frustrated, angry, and completely ungrateful in these two areas of my life. I was “conditionally grateful”.  

I humbled myself and began to fully feel and recognize the absolute good fortune that I experience daily 

That gratitude practice once again encompassed the fact that I am 100% moving into a time of greater financial ease; there was a time when I would not have been able to get a loan. I no longer need to work 2-3 jobs. I am in wonderful health with supportive friends and family by my side. I have a career I love, the best clients ever, a delightful roof over my head, and the world’s cutest dog!  

I am very blessed! What was I complaining about?  

Immediately, a new ideal client signed up for my program and I’m so excited to work with her.  

The loan is almost completedI’m also very curious to discover what gift has been behind this delay all along. How fun to get out of my own way!  

I understand.  

It’s been hard. Really hard. We do not want to ignore the cliff we are standing upon currently 

And this is the invitation to unfold into the divine and glorious beings that we are. We cannot do this conditionally.  

We must be able to face reality, but with intelligence, clarity, and wisdom. 

Connection with our God, and communication through prayer, pause, and devotion is the way “home”.  

I am unconditionally grateful for you. As always, if you have questions, a story about how you are navigating these unique life challenges, or you need my support, just drop me a quick email at 


Yours in love, soul’s purpose, and gratitude,  

Dr. Layne Linebaugh

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