Foundational Equity

I speak of foundation quite often, in all areas of my life. I suppose this is because it is of utmost importance to me and those that I support in my practice. Come to think of it, it also has something to do with my background as a chiropractor. One of the first lessons in that “college of the body,” was that the first organ to form in the human fetus is the heart. Following the heart is the spinal cord, the foundation of the entire nervous system. The nerves tell the muscles what to do, and the muscles move the bones, enabling the most magical matrix of movement, thought and creation to operate.

Another very powerful system of growth, operation and healing of the human body is that of the Chakra system.

“Chakra is a Sanskrit word literally meaning ‘wheel.’ These centers were named as such because of the circular shape to the spinning energy centers which exist in our subtle etheric body, the non-material energetic counterpart to our physical body. There are seven main chakras and they are located along the spine extending out the front and back of the body.

– William J.D. Doran

The chakra system moves from the bottom up, starting with Muladhara or the Root Chakra, located at the very base of the spine. This chakra is red and associated with survival issues, such as nourishment, financial independence, security, home, family, roots, grounding and appropriate boundaries. The basic right is to be here and to have.

I have not met one person that has experienced trauma, addiction, eating disorders and destructive coping behaviors, including myself, that doesn’t initially exhibit some form of a first chakra imbalance. These distortions and imbalances can come out in all sorts of interesting ways, including but not limited to pain in the lower body, constant instability of home, important relationships and money troubles of all kinds.

Establishing foundation and a healthy, balanced Root Chakra, is where the work begins in healing a life that was defined by disconnection of all forms. The importance of this grounded approach cannot be stressed enough, and it is where I and all of my clients, must focus our attention as we grow.

Equity, in finance, is defined as ownership or value of property or stocks. It comes from the Latin word aequitas or “equality.” An example of this, would be, a teacher must maintain the quality of equity or fairness in the classroom.

If a little person is given a proper childhood with love, appropriate boundaries, adequate nourishment and no trauma, you can safely expect them to have a life experience of normal hardships and growth. They seem to mostly cruise through life and are one of those people you can count on to be pretty “solid,” and quite stable. The Root Chakra is balanced, and they have good equity or ownership of their resources and foundation.

Too few of the humans I know have had this experience. We have to create Foundational Equity for ourselves and it can be no easy task. We work hard to establish safety and security in the body, our work in the world, in relationships and in our home space. Claiming our “right to be here” is powerful and rewarding!

All too often, we are so excited that we have “made it,” we forget about the people and resources (money, love, trust and time) that went into helping us build this foundation. We are off to the next thing that feels good (addiction transfer) or the next training, job, relationship or move, under the disguise of building more stability.

Recently, I was considering retaking the training for Restorative Yoga Teacher and Coach. Yes, it was that good and I wanted to be better at my calling in the world. Like any good Libra, I deliberated for a long time, weighing all the options and considerations. One day, during this not so comfortable process, I had the thought, “maybe I should take the money that I would spend on the training and make a bigger dent in paying back the people and institutions that have helped me get where I am today?” I mentioned this thought to a very wise person of my tribe, who proceeded to gently relate the concept of Foundational Equity. 

She said, “When you are building something, and people give you resources; time, money and their trust, for you to create a solid foundation, if you don’t stop at a point of growth, and replenish (give back) to those that helped you, your foundation will be shaky. You will be building upon structural instability and misuse of trust.”

This explanation, which of course makes perfect sense, blew my mind! I had never heard it put this way before. Immediately, I could see how most of my life and my previous work in the world had been built upon a shaky or non-existent foundation because I hadn’t established my own grounded Root Chakra and safety in the world. Here I was, about to do it again, on the mistaken belief that I needed more training (my list of accomplishments and training borders on the ridiculous).  

I have built foundation. Much of it, many, many angels have given me; money, love, trust and resources to make sure I am finally safe. It is time for me to replenish and turn the soil of this foundation. It is time to create true ownership and equality by returning these gifts to their rightful sources. Only then, can I stand firmly upon this sturdy foundation and begin to create anew. I can nourish and care for my safe place in the world, which includes my body, health, business, money, relationships, work and home in a devotional manner. This will set the tone for my entire existence.

The Tower of Pisa in Italy has a famous unintended lean due to an inadequate foundation. It still stands but with structural modifications and stress. Living a life of disconnection leaves us like the leaning tower, we still stand, but with complications!  

Deciding to rebuild our foundation from the bottom up, balancing the Root Chakra, a constant practice, gives us stability, safety and the ability to pause and inquire of ourselves, is this decision one that will keep my structure sturdy? An energetic foundation is just as important as a physical one, and in many cases is the place we must start when our circumstances have not allowed us much safety. We must grow ourselves up.  

So, we begin. We begin to build a structure that one day we will marvel over. Just like the Caravan Bridge over the river Meles, in Izmir, Turkey. It was built around 850 BC, which makes it 2,860 years old – qualifying as the oldest functioning bridge in the world. * If the keystones used in the construction of this bridge had not been crafted and placed with care, surely it could not have withstood the test of time.  

If you struggle with feelings of instability or not feeling safe, begin to make time (preferably first thing in the morning) for a Grounding practice or a Chakra balance meditation, music or exercise. Begin to ask questions and study the Chakra system and people who live a stable life. Part of living a life of Foundational Equity, is taking ownership for the part you have in being at the helm. Begin to plan, however small, to become responsible for the vision of how you want your life to become. Replenish and nurture your foundation so you (and your descendants) can marvel over how you left a legacy that stood the test of time.

*reference – Gizmodo uk

Note: My clients, students, family and friends are my greatest teachers. Much gratitude and credit go to Stephanie Sears for the gift of the concept of Foundational Equity and for many of the thoughts of this piece. She is a Matrix Builder of the very best kind. Watch for her brilliant writing soon to be released upon the world.

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