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It appears to me, that as a society, we may be going about a couple of things in a bit of a misguided manner.

Most of us learn to read, write and perform math. We learn about computers and flying to the moon and we sure learn how to watch TV.

I would hazard a guess that the majority of us are not taught about mindfulness and creating a solid foundation for ourselves.

Some people seem to figure some of these things out for themselves; they have a natural affinity for spiritual pursuits or seem to have shown up in the world with a tad more earthiness than others.

The rest of us, get to work a bit harder. Much of the time the amount of work to build a solid foundation, is not apparent until we discover that the ground under us, has been pretty shaky for quite some time. Sometimes, it even takes an earthquake to bring us to our senses.

I’ve also observed (in my own life and others) that those of us that have gone through the experience of addictions, pain, poverty, disconnection and trauma, seem to have a more difficult time achieving freedom on a consistent basis. I believe that this is because the person must create and then sustain a reference point (solid foundation) for being and having more abundance, prosperity and positive experiences in life.

This foundation cannot be created by just thinking positive for the person that has been abused or grown up in extreme poverty. In fact, it’s offensive and arrogant to suggest these methods as a solution to someone in these circumstances.

Mind you, a person can go from rags to riches, from poverty to stardom and all will seem well. Until, because they have reached the stars so quickly, their foundation is unstable, and eventually, usually sooner rather than later, the mansion collapses. We see this all of the time with lottery winners, celebrities and musicians; they make millions and in a couple of years’ time, they face rehabs, extreme debt and loss of all their glory.

I’ve played out this scenario, on a much smaller scale, over and over in my life, both before and after my sober life choice. So have my friends and clients.

My true recovery, my true foundation, began with the grounded practices of very good couching and therapy and my own training in the Yoga Recovery field.

I have to work a bit harder and always be consistent with my foundation practices. My clients have to work hard and be consistent with their foundation practices. If you have experienced traumatic events in your life, you may have to work a bit harder to maintain your consistent foundation practices.

If you want to fly, to soar to freedom, then you must first build your foundation. And, you must be sure it is solid, and that if cracks appear, fix them right away. There is no easy way out. Trust me, I’ve tried them all. I’ve actually lived quite well under the illusion that I had a very stable foundation. I get lazy and don’t keep up on my practices. Next thing I know, it’s getting pretty shaky and I have to scramble to put out fires and fix cracks.

Once you have constructed this solid, beautiful foundation, then you can begin to climb. You can implement prosperity thinking and things like affirmations of your great good. Why now? Because you have foundation and a reference point on which to stand; you have proof that the home you have built is safe.

I am grateful to be witness to my own growth and the growth of many clients whom are willing to put in the consistent work to build their foundations. These strong humans, who have been through some pretty awful experiences, do not let these experiences define who they are. They have determined to put down roots in fertile soil and then reach for the stars.

Layne Linebaugh

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